Mid-Century Makeover

Bringing classic Eichler mid-century elements into the 21st century

Before remodeling a structure from any era, the client and designer need to decide how much of the original design concept, if any, they want to incorporate into the new design.  In this Eichler kitchen, the owner wanted to live the mid-century dream that she had longed for while living in England.

Our goal on this project was to update the classic Eichler, mid-century elements, while still giving a nod to the original. By having the luxury of being able to pull from a 21st century knowledge of functional working spaces, efficient storage solutions and manufacturing technologies, I knew we would be able to achieve it.

Original Eichler Kitchen Cabinetry

The color choices in the kitchen pay tribute to the white faced sliding doors and the darker trims that were found in 1964. Of the three shades of gray used, the lightest gray gives the kitchen a little more depth on the back of the cook top peninsula and the darkest, painted on the far wall, helps to frame the space.

For fear of losing the original “feel” of the kitchen, we thought it best to keep the original wall of cabinets. They were resurfaced, refinished and updated with new Teflon edged sliding doors, so that they slide more easily. Although in 1964 these cabinets were never intended to be high-end, we wanted to bring the new cabinetry to that level. By hiring a master furniture maker to create the fine detailing of set back doors, we were able to mimic the original sliding doors. The addition of cut out holes, as an update to the original ¼” deep door pulls, was a nice touch.

a modern day hybrid of a mid-century dream

we brought the new cabinetry to a 2011 version of "high end" mid-century did not see much of

To keep the spirit of the original snow white Formica, we replaced it with a functional heat and stain resistant countertop in the brightest white composition of pure natural quartz on the market.  The solid 1¼” thick counter balances nicely with the 1” thickness of the dark trim detail on the cabinetry. The old cook-top was removed and raised to the standard current day height and in its place we installed a modern glass-top electric range with stainless detailing.

All in all when entering this kitchen it becomes clear that it’s a modern day hybrid of a mid-century dream.