Contemporary Design for an Eichler Home in Marin County

This gorgeous home is in the Lucas Valley neighborhood of Marin County. Developed in 1964 by Joseph Eichler and designed by architect Claude Oakland, the home was in desperate need of a fresh face and materials.

The client wanted to live her mid-century dream. Our goal was to update the classic mid-century elements, while honoring the original Eichler design. We were able to draw on a 21st century understanding of functional working spaces, efficient storage solutions and proven manufacturing technologies.

We added a vintage teak dining table and chairs in the dining room and recommended contemporary furniture in the living room to create a living space that was warm, fun and a perfect complement to the Eichler home style.

Torbit Studio used special fixtures, cabinetry and tiles in the bathroom to tie together modern functionality with original design. Several shades of gray give the authentic Eichler kitchen more visual depth. Bright and colorful accents were used to make this kitchen both welcoming and chef-ready.

“Her eye for balance in juxtaposing old and new and clean and ornamented makes every room exciting and unique.“

Photos by Suzanne Slatcher