Victorian Interior Design in Noe Valley, San Francisco

This project was a 180-degree turn from the modern design direction, a great example of how Torbit Studio works with our clients’ tastes and vision.

This Victorian interior redesign was requested by a busy bachelor. Looking to improve his home’s welcoming potential and entertainment flow, he hired Torbit Studio to create a unique party home that reflects his tastes in every detail.

When he first met with Torbit Studio, the client had already purchased area rugs for the entire home. This was the perfect starting place since area rugs are often the best way to establish a home’s color direction.

We worked closely with the client to select the right textures, colors, textiles, furnishings and paint to bring the home together as a whole. The furnishings are easily moveable, like in a cocktail lounge, where guests can move chairs and side tables around. This keeps things organic, shifting in the space like conversations at a party.

The cinnabar and earthy-toned textiles reflect the warm lighting and create a cozy and relaxed environment.

After the redesign was complete, the owner threw a party and the new space plan passed the test, proving the home had become a great space for entertaining.

“I’ve been working with Elizabeth at Torbit Studio for just shy of a year now. Our project has just wrapped up and I am thrilled with the results. I came to Elizabeth with a few rugs and lamps in addition to the fixtures already installed in my home. I was immediately struck by Elizabeth’s desire to create a design that would last; she asked me what my one, five, and ten-year plans were, and how I envisioned my home functioning in those time-frames. She presented many diverse pieces and layouts in the beginning of our time together, helping me refine exactly what it was that I was looking for and responded best to. Suffice it to say, her process is as revealing as it is effective.”

Photos by Alex Johnson and Suzanne Slatcher